Race Hustler White-black Obama Acts Stupidly And Whoodies Surprised?

This all despite the fact that a witness statement documented by the Orlando Sentinel confirmed that he saw Martin on top of the neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, and was slamming his head into the sidewalk, leaving him bloodied and battered with a broken nose.

Just how about waiting for the facts in the case, wonders the leader of key activist organization?

“President Obama is acting stupidly by making remarks prematurely without knowing all the facts,” said Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson…

via ‘I Am Trayvon’: Trademark and more in works.

What’s Obama’s connection to Trayvon Martin? Apparently, the TM, trademark that is. And money, politics, and Presidential race whorses.

We do need to let the facts come out. Unfortunately, until then, the Democrats will necro-politic until somebody double taps this zombie. Sick little society when even a mother is willing to necro-profit the product of her womb. Then again, isn’t that what the Democrat reproductive mandate is all about? TM’s death vigil chronicles one thing, the crass, corrupt zeal for power that is the Democrat Party.

Obama who is himself white-black is exploiting the race connection with the aid of the MSM which is reporting that a white-Hispanic shot Trayvon Martin, a spitting image of Obama’s dark side. Then again, a son of O, if he wasn’t aborted, might just look like O’s white half. But why stop there? Isn’t a white-Hispanic also, Spanish? That means Zimmerman is a white-white-Indigo, beside being European and not African and probably descended from Azurians of the Eskimo Nebula.

It was also reported that Zimmerman was Jewish terrorist, to boot. Knew it all along, didn’t we, that the Jews were behind this (not)? But, wait, there’s more… Zimmerman is a Democrat. He must be one by stealth because no Democrat who is really one owns a gun. If he were a real Democrat, then Zimmerman would be black, because like lily-white Little Willie Clinton, the first black president, they’re all black, even if they’re white. As we all know Republicans are white even though some are black, and the moon is really the mother ship, though Zimmerman probably isn’t a Moonie.

Flowers, Who Eats Flowers? Green House Gas Works For Veggies Too!

World Climate Report » Flowers Love CO2.

And just think, if the optimum environment is higher concentrations of CO2 for plant health, it makes one wonder if the normal atmospheric levels today are too low. What if it is a better normal to have higher levels? What if the temperature is too low for planet health? What if Al Gore is a moron and not just in it for the $$$. Perhaps, just perhaps, we are in a corrective phase and man is just contributing a good thing to what should be? Hmm? Maybe this isn’t the end, but the beginning of a really good thing. Imagine, more rain, more CO2, and more de-desertification. Oh the magnificence of the Gobi in bloom. But for that to happen we really need to increase our carbon fuel use. You see, over the past two millenia vacillation has been the norm. What we need is a new normal. What we need is sustained higher temperatures. As scientists, real scientists, have reported: The measurements are shown in the Figure 4, and incredibly, the Argo floats have detected cooling, not warming. The authors explain “Using only 2003- 2008 data, we find cooling, not warming. This result does not support the existence of a large frequently-cited positive computed radiative imbalance.” Furthermore, they note “In summary, we find that estimates of the recent (2003-2008) OHC rates of change are preponderantly negative.”

We need to reverse this trend lest all the flowers freeze. Oh well, who eats flowers, anyway, you say? We do, by Gaia! Fossilites and Vegans should unite against the Anti-carbonites, and warm this old lady up. As the flower goes, so goes the veggies. As the veggies go, so go we. And lest we forget our bovine friends, without their flatulence, we would all utterly freeze to death. They need veggies, we need veggies, we all need gas, we need bacon and beans, we need pigs, and cows, and chickens, and yeah even eggplant, and mushrooms and onion- smothered ribeyes cooked over some hot carbon briquettes… mmm, and they need us. Can’t we all just get along to increase BBQ for all? So put another shovel full of coal on the fire, cook us up some bacon and some beans, and settle in for a day of Nascar racing, some bowel stimulating Phaseolus, and some of that ice-cold adult beverage trucked to you daily by highly inefficient delivery trucks. Or, have some fine organic wine made from grapes grown in rich CO2 producing ordure compost, with a veggie shish-kabob cooked over a “natural” gas-fired grill, or just watch some exciting food drying in your carbon by-product dehydrater, who cares? Remember, those who heat to eat with fossil fuels, or live in a highly plasticized social network, are helping to provide food for the least of these, my fellow earth-ship sojourners. So, breath out, all you CO2 producing bi-pedal polluters. We need you. Mankind depends upon you. Won’t you please, use something carbon today!

Obama’s War on Religion: Of Daughters And Pro-choices

We should note that dissent is not just coming from conservatives. E. J. Dionne, one of the most liberal columnists in the country, has argued against the ruling. Even The Washington Post editorialized against the move saying that President Obama is “requiring religiously affiliated entities to spend their own money in a way that contradicts the tenets of their faith.”

Elections do have consequences. And all those who were arguing in 2008 that candidate Obama would favor policies that reduce abortions have been proven tragically wrong. Not only has he adopted policies that will expand abortions, he is favoring laws that coerce Christians into funding abortions. President Obama’s latest actions are an appalling overreach that will have sad implications for pro-life Christians. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a President open up a more radical and intrusive attack on religious liberty and on unborn human life than what we are witnessing right now.

President Obama’s War on Religion | Denny Burk.

Ponder that for a moment. In effect, the Department of Health and Human Services is telling religious groups that if they don’t want to pay for practices they consider immoral, they should stick to serving their own co-religionists rather than the wider public. Sectarian self-segregation is O.K., but good Samaritanism is not. The rule suggests a preposterous scenario in which a Catholic hospital avoids paying for sterilizations and the morning-after pill by closing its doors to atheists and Muslims, and hanging out a sign saying “no Protestants need apply.”

The regulations are a particularly cruel betrayal of Catholic Democrats, many of whom had defended the health care law as an admirable fulfillment of Catholicism’s emphasis on social justice. Now they find that their government’s communitarianism leaves no room for their church’s communitarianism, and threatens to regulate it out of existence.

Government and Its Rivals – NYTimes.com.

In actuality, the Obama Administration trampled religious liberty under the feet of the leviathan state, forcing religious employers to do what conscience will not allow. Religious organizations such as schools, colleges, and hospitals will be required to pay for services that they believe to be immoral and disobedient to God.

AlbertMohler.com – The President, the Pill, and Religious Liberty in Peril.

Of Malia and Natasha? Well, they’re just choices. Everyone should have the right to decide who to bring home and who… well… should just be… not allowed to live, right? It has to be hard to look them in the eye and say, “Well, Malia, Tasha, fortunately for you, you’re the choices we made. Believe us! We loved you just like you were our very own children even when you were still just blobs of flesh… otherwise (finger swiping across throat). Now off to bed. And don’t worry. Now that you made it into the world alive, there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. Don’t believe what your friends say, its Secret Service, not secret sacrifice. We might have killed you at one time, but there are still some decent laws on the books. Sweet dreams!”

Obama Spits In The Face Of God: Merry Christ Mass Sodomy: Be Calm And Carry On

Obama spits in the face of God as Hillary forces other nations to become like Sodom. In the recording you will hear an interesting question. What was it like in Sodom leading up to the visitation? You understand the parallel, don’t you? I have argued, that to allow the orientation is to submit to it. In other words you cannot justify not engaging in the activity once you have accepted it as a viable alternative. Saying you don’t engage in the activity is quite different from saying you wouldn’t. There is a totally different reasoning that goes in to either one. The first admits at least a willingness to participate as a finding that the permission of the activity is right and good. The second finds something repugnant about the activities and impermissible. Using the people’s money to force other countries to fornicate, in a way makes everyone in the U.S. like Sodom.

Keep calm and carry on.

Anti-Calvinists, The SBC, And the War On Christian Orthodoxy

This is a study of the rise of English Arminianism and the growing religious division in the Church of England during the decades before the Civil War of the 1640s. The widely accepted view has been that the rise of Puritanism was a major cause of the war; this book argues that it was Arminianism — suspect not only because it sought the overthrow of Calvinism but also because it was embraced by, and imposed by, an increasingly absolutist Charles I — which heightened the religious and political tensions of the period. Almost all English Protestants were members of the established Church. Consequently, what was a theological dispute about rival views of the Christian faith assumed wider significance as a struggle for control of that Church. When Arminianism triumphed, Puritan opposition to the established Church was rekindled. Politically, Charles and his advisers also feared the consequences of Calvinist predestinarian teaching as being incompatible with ‘civil government in the commonwealth’.

via Anti-Calvinists : Anti-Calvinists Oxford Scholarship Online.

The Poor? They’re Political Fodder Not Worthy Of Sharing the Liberal’s Wealth

Berkeley, the leftist city whose University of California campus erupted in protest this week as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, has the widest gap between rich and poor in the Bay Area, according to recently released data from the Census Bureau.

via Gap Between Rich and Poor In Bay Area Widest in Berkeley – NYTimes.com.

Occupy This Frankly

Pyromaniacs: Open Letter to the #Occupy Movement.


…we define poverty in an opulent way…  because we’re greedy.

That’s right: the problem is not that “they” are greedy – whoever “they” are (the bankers, the capitalists, the stock traders, but apparently not the movie moguls, the actors, the politicians and pop stars) — but that we are greedy…  There was a time when we would say it isn’t “fair”, but today we say it’s actually an injustice — as if “justice” has anything to do with us getting something we didn’t actually earn.

So I say all that to say this: your problem… is actually in your own heart — and your accuser is… the billions who look at you incredulously and see you complaining that you have a silver spoon in your mouth rather than a platinum one. Your problem is the problem of all mankind, which is sin.

What A Tricky Question To Ask Cathy Lynn Grossman

Religious tracts land in Trick or Treat bags.

If you have ever read it, then you know, Cathy Lynn Grossman’s column is such a barf-bag treat. Her latest is a reissued statement of loathing for those who would dare to express Christianity in the open.

It’s not as if Oct 31st belongs to pagans, is it? It is like any other night, open for the taking. Just think if Christmas was restricted to Christians only, and how that would definitely collapse an already dead economy. Now, Halloween is becoming an economy all its own. You really don’t want to poison the source, do you?

Oct 31st is All Hallows’ Eve for some. For others it is Reformation Day. There could not be a more appropriate night to hand out tracts, then. Still for others, it’s the beginning of the syncretistic, Mexican Roman Catholic/Indian-spiritist, occultic holiday known as Día de los Muertos. Wouldn’t it be appropriate for Mexicans to hand out little candy skeletons and sugar skulls draped with candy prayer-beads and a holy wafer in the shape of the virgin? You wouldn’t want to stop tens of millions of illegals from buying commodities to put out their propaganda, would you? Like a piece of “Bread of the Dead?” How’s about some Bread of Life instead?

How thinned skinned can the anti-Christian bigots get before they simply collapse with nothing left to hide their hatred? Participation in a celebration in connection with any of the derivations Oct 31st, in any way is, by the very nature of it, proselytizing. Halloween, is after all, a transmogrification of the words, All Hallows’ Even, A Christian holy day. How stupid, then, is the question of whether or not a Christian religious activity to celebrate it is appropriate?

Dear Kate, is free to print and say what she wants about Trick or Treating. After all, in a free society, the days and nights of personally selected holy days, is a matter of free expression. Who would dare say otherwise? Except perhaps those who celebrate Kristallnacht.

Anti-Intellectuals Karl W. Giberson And Randall J. Stephens: Collins & Noll Said It, We Believe It, That Settles It

Scholars like Dr. Collins and Mr. Noll, and publications like Books & Culture, Sojourners and The Christian Century, offer an alternative to the self-anointed leaders. They recognize that the Bible does not condemn evolution and says next to nothing about gay marriage. They understand that Christian theology can incorporate Darwin’s insights and flourish in a pluralistic society.

via The Evangelical Rejection of Reason – NYTimes.com.

I’m not the only one to notice that these guys are either stupid or have an agenda that blind’s them to their self-imposed ignorance.

Giberson and Stephens write as evangelicals to evangelicals—only this is not your father’s evangelicalism. The conclusion of the article tells you almost everything you need to know about the authors’ vision of evangelical faith when they claim that “the Bible does not condemn evolution and says next to nothing about gay marriage.” They say this without the slightest bit of irony at all. They seem genuinely unaware of the enormous revision of Christianity embodied in that single statement. Nevertheless, they are putting themselves forward as spokesmen for evangelicalism. Affirming gay marriage and evolution may sound like evangelicalism to the editors of The New York Times, but I doubt that very many evangelicals would agree.

But that is not the only irony of this piece. While accusing evangelicals of an anti-intellectual disengagement from the world of ideas, Giberson and Stephens fail to engage a single evangelical argument in favor of the Christian worldview. They simply assume a priori that Christian revelation has to bend and accommodate every wind of secularism blowing against it from the academy. This may be a good way to ingratiate oneself to the cultured despisers of religion (though I doubt it), but it is a horrible way to contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3). But contending for the faith doesn’t really seem to be a priority for Giberson and Stephens. -Denny Burk.

No Denny, they have no intention of defending what they believe. And without reasoning. All of us who have looked at both sides of the issues know which side won. But those who are in denial, except that God works in them repentance, will remain blind, deaf, and dumb.