Climate Report: All Normal On The Millennial Back And Front

Across the world, many records reveal that the 20th century is probably not the warmest nor a uniquely extreme climatic period of the last millennium.

via Climategate 2.0: an AR5 Perspective « Climate Audit.

A few weeks ago, we ran a story about a paper which was (then) soon to be published in Science magazine which generally concluded that the earth’s climate sensitivity (how much the earth’s average temperature will rise from a doubling of the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration) was likely lower than the IPCC’s best guess (which is 3°C) and known with far less uncertainty—especially at the high end. While the IPCC’s vision of the uncertainty as to the true value of the climate sensitivity included a “fat tail” at the high end (that is, a non-negligible possibility that the true climate sensitivity was greater than 6°C), the new Science paper put the kibosh on that notion, concluding “In summary, using a spatially extensive network of paleoclimate observations in combination with a climate model we find that climate sensitivities larger than 6 K are implausible.” And adding “Assuming paleoclimatic constraints apply to the future as predicted by our model, these results imply lower probability of imminent extreme climatic change than previously thought.”

3 thoughts on “Climate Report: All Normal On The Millennial Back And Front

  1. I understand all the arguments and realize that it’s going to be hotter than, well you know, before the Lord comes back. But as a Californian, I appreciate all the environmental actions taken since the 70s, not because they will or won’t effect real or supposed global warming. Rather, they have gradually brought cleaner air and preserved some beautiful areas from development. Is that wrong?

  2. No. I suppose if a giant star named Wormwood does actually and not spiritually fall into the sea, it is going to get hotter than we know. But the data is clear, no global warming has happened, nor is it likely as caused by man. California is California. Our winds across this state defy any build-ups of great masses of pollution. I am all for a coal fired power plants and oil and gas refineries in every county in Wyoming, the rest of the country can buy our end-product energy instead of sucking Wyoming dry of our unrefined product. Our pollution, when it hits the atomosphere, is swept away and dispersed among millions of cubic of miles open skies. No problem with our pollution, as far as that goes.

    Most of the land that remains undevelopedd across the nation is controlled and unfortunately, subsidized and inaccessable to the “poor.” I haven’t fished or hunted, or even camped for decades because I refuse to pay the fees that I have already paid in taxes, over, and over, and over again. When government gets a hold of land for public use, the result is the same as if it was in the hands of private owners. The problem being, it is the tax payers who buy it, and the rich and their political cronies who are the only ones to be able to fully use it.

  3. Wow! Extreme Libertarian. You and those who think like you do are an aberration. What the heck do you do for fun? How many in Wyoming even agree with you?

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