Internet Stalker’s Bitterness And Vindictive Self-absorption Rots His Soul: The Sad Little Non-World Of Peter Lumpkins

Doktor James White on Fudging His Teaching Assignments by Peter Lumpkins – sbc tomorrow.

James White noted in his Dividing Line today the depths to which Peter Lumpkins will go in his vendetta. Peter’s lies have over-taken any rational sense he had. As seen in this post, Peter will bed down with any suitor to get back at Dr. White. One begins to wonder. If Peter is under the oversight of any church leadership, why haven’t they reigned him in and demanded his repentance for his continued bitter sinfulness? Two possibilities: he rejects any accountability, or, ministers of the Gospel want nothing to do with him.

Bell’s Love Wins Reviewed By A Reformed(?) Scholar(?): With That I Am Delusional

Peter Lumpkins displays how his hatred of all things Calvinistic has blinded him to the real world and trapped him in a Hell of his own imagination filled with allegiances to, and admiration for, mythical monsters and writhing, slime oozing, antiheroes:

Let me just start out by saying that there is nothing particularly amazing about the theological contents of this book. His theology is evangelical, Arminian, and Baptist. His view of Scripture is well within the mainstream of the evangelical world. His openness about the question of the salvation of people outside the Church is hardly remarkable. He plainly upholds justification by faith, the Deity of Christ, the Trinity, the bodily resurrection of Christ and all the faithful at the end of the age, etc. All of the typical evangelical shibboleths. So what of the particulars? The book has its merits, but certainly it is not beyond criticism.

Why does Peter love anti-Calvinist Paul Owen?