Why Would The Value Voters Summit Of The Family Research Council Hire An Unrepentant Liar?

FBC Jax Watchdog: Ergun Caner Speaks at “Value Voters Summit” of Family Research Council.

It makes you wonder… he’s been lying since before 911… He gives so much credit to his wife it begs to wonder just what kind of woman would put up with that for so long?

I mean, how can she trust anything that he said, like “I love you. Will you marry me?” Who’s me, who’s I? Is it Michael or Memhet, Barack or Barry? Persona or person? Did she marry the phantom, or the opera?

Then again, if she trained him… ahem… what does that mean? That she trained him to perform the balancing a ball for fish act? Holy Mackeral Baptist Man! That she showed him how to glue a rubber nose on so it couldn’t be pulled off? Didn’t work! To be a quick change artist? To be a character actor? She did well, there, there is no doubt.

His wife is most likely a wonderful woman. She knows him best, right? Cooks him possum. Yummy! If anything we can surmise about her, if she is not complicit, is that she has more endurance and patience than Abigail. That’s her Nabal to bear… I suppose.

One other thing. It is amazing that he is speaking to a crowd that should eshew the hyphenated American motif. But there’s Caner, hyphenating all over himself.

His people? No. His past wasn’t one of an oppositional Muslim boy. He was raised, American. Probably to the consternation of his father. He was a typical, could-care-less American teen, as can be plainly seen by his fotos from that time. And now, he is an American revivalist selling his snake oil sermons. The components of the oil haven’t changed. He is still telling the testimony of a mythical life he never lived. The reality: he’s an over-fed, too well compensated, Finneyesque showman of the most common Southern Baptist algae ooze; a canival barker getting rich pulling the strings of emotionally laden, politically bound, marionettes whose spiritual fortunes hang upon how well America prospers. After all, how then shall they live in the style they are accustomed? Christ is the furthest thing from their minds. But, Christ makes a good draw at this kind of shamanic circus. Americanism is nothing more than a pseudo- Christian sect.

Yeah, Caner is still lying in wait for a buck.

You may think that I am mean, a profanely, juvenile slanderer. Yet, the fact is that Caner is back on the stage. He and his toadies, the shaman with roadies, making hay greasing palms, without ever repenting of ripping off his audiences for years. And about his wife… Remember, we asked this very same thing of Hillary and Bill. When a public figure, such as Caner, puts up his wife as a shield, she becomes a public figure open to the same accountability as he, and not outside the bounds of commentary. Beside that, go read 1 Timothy, and see if an elder’s wife is immune from the very same scrutiny to which he is subject.

So… if you want to take me to task for hammering him so hard, or implicating his wife, save your fingers and go listen to Tammy Faye. She just didn’t understand it either: “What did we do?”

Addendum: Are Conservative Christians Worshiping America? | Philosophical Fragments.

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