Obama: “I Would Hang The Dumass In The White House”

Known for not being able to string three words together without stumbling over his ears, or revealing things better left unsaid, Obama wants the head of the TelePrompter editor who wrongly scripted: “I would love to hang that Dumas in the White House.”

Obama’s dependence upon others writing his papers, speeches and even his introducing statements, has long reaching implications. Though it may not be true, it is rumored that Ayers along with a cadre of other known terrorists and power brokers who have pulled Obama’s strings for decades write every word his puppet hinged mouth speaks. Couple that with his inability to speak impromptu, Obama is subject to the whims of friends and enemies. With a swelling discontent even among other leftists in the Democrat Nationalist Socialist People’s Party (D’ Nazi), the conspiracy to undo him may have prompted one of his self-serving puppeteers to help Obama do himself in.

As the old line goes, “It just business.” Hitler moved to destroy any opposition within his own ranks. The Night of the Long Knives destroyed Hitler’s closest threat. Rohm’s Troopers were replaced by Hitler’s Gestapo, and his SS. The more threatened Obama feels the more we can expect that he will move against his opponents on the right as he has recently done in attempting to destroy private citizens. On the other hand, his owners and his own party are a more immediate fatal threat to his continuance. We can expect that he will move against them, too. That is where the real problem comes in. Zbigniew Brzezinski is no one to mess with and any attempt to undermine him or the powers he controls could spell swift retribution. But, that just business.

I’m not much into conspiracy theories. The Barak Hussein Obama saga, however, is one of lies and deception all along the route the Supreme Chancellor’s seat. Conspiracy aside, I don’t care if it is Big Z’s agenda to create chaos and bring about world domination, or if it is the more cooperative, silent, “peaceful” efforts of Bushite policy, the fact is that at this juncture in history it doesn’t matter. If Obama is allowed to continue in the White House, the nation goes critical mass, we have a national military power struggle as the systems collapse and the hoards of unfed living-dead social dependents begin to feed off the substance of others by violence- and wholesale racial and class warfare breaks out. Or, we are attacked by foreign concerns, (both will happen, it is just a matter of which comes first; Biden’s Freudian slip). The right will take no action against Obama for the fear of provoking racial backlash which would result in the same conflagration. The left on the other hand has nothing to lose from the demise of Obama or his regime. The result will be the same, the destruction of the greatest and most free capitalist nation on the planet. The end after all justifies the means.

UPDATE: Camponthis provided another look at this subject.

Listen to Brannon Howse’s interview with James Simpson here.

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